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Find out about the versatile solutions we have implemented for companies in the defence industry, as well as machine and equipment manufacturers, and in our various mobile container solutions.

Monipuolista osaamista teräs- ja alumiini-rakentamisen suunittelussa ja toteutuksessa

Special premises, IT area, technical area – what these spaces have in common is that all of them can be implemented using mobile space solutions. Nokian Metallirakenne has designed and manufactured mobile facilities for machinery and equipment manufacturers, as well as to meet the needs of the healthcare, energy and recycling, and construction industries.

Arctest Oy - Environmental simulation in containers and trailers

Nokian Metallirakenne cooperates with Arctest Oy, a leading manufacturer of environmental simulation equipment on the Finnish and Swedish markets. Their customers needed robust mobile simulation containers and trailers. Due to Nokian Metallirakenne’s expertise and long experience in
manufacturing equipment facilities and trailers, Arctest Oy ended up striking a partnership with Nokian Metallirakenne.


In addition to the installation of simulation systems, Arctest Oy was also responsible for concept design in the construction project, while Nokian Metallirakenne was responsible for the structural and detail design and the manufacturing of trailers and containers in accordance with the end customer’s specifications.

Nokian Metallirakenne tekee yhteistyötä Arctest Oyn kanssa - olosuhdetestauslaitteiden valmistaja


Space solutions and special conditions for containers are deployed in various industries.

Metso Outotec - Analyser containers for demanding environments

Outotec and Nokian Metallirakenne started working together in 2016. Outotec designed a new type of container concept for its analyser equipment. In order to commercialise the concept, however, it needed a partner with strong expertise in various container and equipment security solutions.

Nokian Metallirakenne designed a new type of analyser container assembly based on Outotec’s concept, and the first container assembly was delivered in 2017. Since then, the company has delivered dozens of containers. In addition, Nokian Metallirakenne has tailored special containers for Outotec Oyj on the basis of their basic container in accordance with customer requirements.
In addition to flexible manufacturing, Nokian Metallirakenne Oy has excelled in these projects in providing the customers with the design work for the container structures.

Finished product

Steel structures

Nokian Metallirakenne Oy designs and manufactures steel and aluminium structures with surface treatment and installation. These include, for example, stairs, treatment levels, machine hall structures, canopies, auditoriums.

Tampere Senior Secondary School TYK - Auditorium structures and installation work

During the renovation of the school’s premises, also a new auditorium was needed. The idea was to deploy a company that could manufacture the auditorium structures and install the auditorium in the renovated space. The installation of the auditorium also included the installation of customer-supplied seats and new stair lighting.
Nokian Metallirakenne delivered the auditorium including final inspections within the strict schedule that had been determined by the customer.

Tampereen Yhteiskoulu TYK – Katsomorakenteet ja asennustyö Nokian Metallirakenne Oy 3
Tampereen Yhteiskoulu TYK – Katsomorakenteet ja asennustyö Nokian Metallirakenne Oy 2
Tampereen Yhteiskoulu TYK – Katsomorakenteet ja asennustyö Nokian Metallirakenne Oy

Service, maintenance and modernisation

Nokian Metallirakenne has acted as a subcontractor to Caverion Corporation in several service and maintenance projects, where it has engaged in the manufacturing and surface treatment of steel structures. An example of an interesting and challenging project is the renovation of the Log River, one of the oldest equipments in the Särkänniemi Amusement Park. Nokian Metallirakenne manufactured the parts of the final slope, which was installed by Caverion.


Transfer wheels

Reliable and easy-to-use CW transfer wheels for moving containers in warehouses and outdoors on concrete and asphalt surfaces.