Finnish defense forces

Nokian Metallirakenne Oy cooperates continuously with companies in the Defence Industry, for example in different subcontracting configurations, R&D projects and equipment manufacturing.


As a proud part of our country’s defense industry, we are happy to take on new and challenging industry projects. On this page, are shown examples of our previous projects.

Our versatile solutions

Patria - NEMO Container, weapon system platform for grenade launchers

Patria chose Nokian Metallirakenne as the manufacturer of the container solution for its 120 mm Nemo grenade launcher system. Patria was responsible for the basic design and strength calculations for the container’s frame structure. Nokian Metallirakenne, on the other hand, was responsible for the detail design and engineering of structures as well as the procurement of necessary equipment and components for the container systems:

  • Container cooling and heating systems
  • Efficient container ventilation system with heat recovery
  • Compressed air system for grenade launcher system
  • Container’s own electrical system
  • An assembly that ensures the self-sufficient operation of container systems
Kuva: Patria Oyj

Patria - Ultrasonic immersion equipment for inspection of gun barrels

Based on high-quality work carried out by Nokia Metallirakenne in the past, Patria wanted the company to act as a partner in its ultrasonic immersion equipment project. In addition to the fabrication of the equipment, Nokian Metallirakenne provided supervised facilities for final assembly work, commissioning testing, and for the adjustment and inspection of inspection equipment. The most important requirement regarding the operation of the equipment was the parallelism of the frame and the tank, which was achieved with great success: At a distance of 10 m, the difference was only about 1 mm.

The responsibilities of Nokian Metallirakenne included the manufacture of a tank and frame structure, the procurement and installation of the different components for the tank’s water circulation system, inspection device mechanisms, electricity and automation.

Patria Tykin tarkastusallas-Nokian MEtallirakenne
Kuva: Patria Oyj

Service, maintenance and modernisation

An example of our maintenance services:


XA-180 MLU

Patria is responsible for updating the lifecycle of the Defence Forces’ XA-180 crew transport vehicles. Nokian Metallirakenne acted as Senop Oy’s subcontractor in dismantling the vehicles’ old systems and carrying out the necessary preparations for the installation of the new systems.

Transfer wheels

Reliable and easy-to-use CW transfer wheels for moving containers in warehouses and outdoors on concrete and asphalt surfaces.